The Negative Side of Facebook

I used to be really into facebook but when I found out that someone had posted naked images of me on Facebook, I became furious. I have sworn to be more careful with Social Media in the future, and I am certainly going to be staying away from facebook. At first I thought that it was an ex who had posted the pictures, but I soon found that it was a guy who I used to hang out with at swingers parties after hours when I finished at London escorts. I don’t have a problem with taking my clothes off at all, but I don’t like it when people post naked images of me online. One of the girls at London escorts spotted the images and told me about them.

Am I the first girl this has happened to? No, I am not the first girl this has happened to and I am pretty sure that I will not be the last one. A couple of the girls here at London escorts have had their images stolen from our sexy London escorts website, and they have been used on other sites. It is disgusting that this is allowed to happen, and when you do everything to protect yourself online, I think it is terrible that some social media sites do not take it more seriously.

Facebook is not the only site who has got a problem when it comes to nudity or the use of images that don’t belong to them. It is now such a common problem that sites are being forced to take action. One of the girls that I duo date with at London escorts said that a guy had stopped her in the street and asked if she would pose naked for him. He said that he thought that she would be perfect as an erotic model. Thankfully she was not interested as she has enough work at London escorts, but the truth is that some girls fall for that.

The problem is that once those images have been taken, you don’t know what happens to them. I know a couple of other girls here at London escorts who have worked as models, and have had their images end up all over the Internet. Some guy calling himself a photographer has taken their photos and sold them on to some less than reputable sites on the Internet. You have to be so careful these days. The thing is that you can rent studios in London so anyone can call themselves a photographer and get away with it.

I am going to be really careful in the future. Yes it is okay to have your photo taken in the nude, but you cannot trust anyone with it. There is no way that anyone is going to be allowed to take a photo of me. I know that some people try to sneak photos at swinger’s clubs, so I am giving them a break at the moment. Swinging is great but I have a lot to do at London escorts at the moment. I think that I will be sticking to work and perhaps earn few extra bucks before my holiday. It could be a lot more profitable that going to Swingers clubs and buying overpriced drinks. Sometimes you just have to reign things in a little.