The Dangers of Social Media

There are a lot of strange people out there these days, says Petra from London escorts. The Internet seem to have brought them out in force, and some of they have become predators online. You certainly need to be very careful how you use social media these days, says Petra. I know many London escorts who have become unstuck, and have ended up being stalked on Facebook or Twitter, adds Petra. This is why I am really careful when I use online Social Media and try to limit the amount of personal information that I put out there at any one time.

Of course, kids need to be protected. Some weirdos do after all like to down load images of children or young people. Lots of people use services like Instagram. Yes, it is fun to share photos, but I have told all of my friends at London escorts services to make sure their account is private. It is easy to do, and you should check all of your privacy settings online every so often. Most of my girlfriends at London escorts, never change their password, but you should make this a regular habit. Perhaps even use something really obscure to keep your information safe.

I personally believe that one of the most dangerous places online is Facebook. There has been a lot of security issues around Facebook. My Facebook account is closed now after the latest scare, and I know that many London escorts did the same thing. You need to be so careful, and the best advice I can give you, is to not contact anybody unless you know them offline. A couple of the girls at London escorts services ended up being cyber stalked after connecting with some gents they did not know offline. Only ever connect with people that you know in the real world.

Sometimes I ask myself why we rely so much on Social Media. I think that Social Media is a great alternative for businesses, but I do think that private individuals need to be careful. As a matter of fact, I consider a lot of dating sites just another form of Social Media. I don’t trust dating sites for one minute, and I have told all of my London escorts colleagues to stay away from them. Yes, there are a lot of lonely hearts out there, but like so many London escorts have found out, not all profiles on dating sites are real.

You need to be realistic, and ask yourself why somebody you don’t know outside cyberspace would like to get to know you. So many London escorts have made the mistake of signing up for different Apps, and have started to be followed by weirdos. Some of my colleagues at London escorts have even had their images stolen and posted on different sites. This is why so many London escorts agencies are reluctant to show the faces of their escorts these days. It is a question of security, finishes Petra.